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Casino | 25%-50%
Clothing | 5%-10%
Computers | 2%-10%
Dating | 15%-30%
Magazines | 10%-20%
Real Estate | 10%-25%
Toys | 5%-10%
Travel | 2%-15%
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Affiliate Programs Directory

There are many affiliate program directories on the internet that list hundreds of different programs in all kinds of industries. Why didn't we do the same? It's simple, actually. While such programs serve as a good way to find out what kinds of industries offer affiliate programs as well as explain various features of individual programs, I don't want to waste my time on things that I know won't make you any money. I don't think you want to either.

The problem with large directories is that it takes a long time to go through all of the listings and there is a lot of information to be processed simultaneously. Why bother with affiliate programs that have already wasted many webmasters' time? Take a look at what we have to offer or rather, what others have to offer you as an affiliate.

Our affiliate program directory consists of programs that will benefit you the most as a partner by choosing the most profitable industries. Even though we've narrowed down your searching field, you still need to make a decision as to which program you'll actually sign up for. This decision could be a product of program features combined with your personal experiences in a particular field. You can always ask me for my opinion.

Below is a list of the different categories; click on the category of your choice to see what affiliate programs are available.

Books Affiliate Programs

Casino Affiliate Programs

Clothing Affiliate Programs

Computer Affiliate Programs

Dating Affiliate Programs

Magazines Affiliate Programs

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Toys Affiliate Programs

Travel Affiliate Programs

If I have failed to list a program that you believe to be of great benefit, please be sure to let me know. Although I have searched high and low to put together a reliable affiliate program directory, I may have missed something. You can find out more about associate programs here.