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Toys Affliate Programs

If you have a site that is targeted at kids, toys affiliate programs may be the better way to go to get some profits from your website. The effectiveness of affiliate programs in general relies heavily on the relation between the type of program and the nature of your website.

How profitable are affiliate programs that push the sales of toys? Well, given the number of online shoppers these days, it is largely dependent on the particular product you advertise and the merchant site. You need to verify that the merchant to whom you are sending your traffic does the job they are supposed to, that being to convert visitors to customers; this involves offering the right products, quoting competitive prices and other factors that aren't listed.

I have provided you with a list of toys affiliate programs that I believe to be the best in the industry. No, I have not tried them all, so I guess I'm depending on you a little to give me the right kind of feedback, especially if you have found a particular program to be less than satisfactory.
This affiliate program gives you the tools to sell toys, clothing and accessories from to visitors to your site. You will receive 5% commission on any sales that are made at as a result of clicking on one of the product category banners on your site.

Toys at offers a wide variety of products that you can sell, including toys for all ages; they even have toys for grownups. The affiliate program pays 5% on any games or toys that you sell.
Promote some of the most hilarious products on the web. Basic commission is 10%; affiliates generating 30 or more orders in any given month earn 15% on all sales for that month.
Members of the Genius Babies Affiliate Program are entitled to a 10% commission on every click through from their site that result in a completed sale. This applies to a new customer as well as repeat customers who come through affiliates' links. Affiliates need only to place one or several links to Genius Babies from their site.
The more you promote, the more you earn. This program offers a 5% revenue share on each transaction (up to a maximum of $10 per order). Once you're approved go to to find text links and banner ads to feature on your site.
This UK based affiliate program allows you to sell a variety of magic tricks to people of all ages. The commission range for affiliates is 5%-10% on sales generated by your referred visitors.