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Dating Affliate Programs

In today busy society and everyone wrapped up in their own lives, it's difficult to find the right person. If you're thinking of setting up your own personal dating site to help in this matter, you may want to sign up for one of these dating affiliate programs. Why? Well, why bother looking for what's available to you when you have the cream of the crop sitting right in front of you? When looking at various products, read between the lines; many programs that offer a fifty percent commission fail to tell you straight up about the deductions that they will make before giving you your share.

The list of dating affiliate programs that I have compiled below takes care of the fine print. Yes, I did the work for you. All you have to do is look around and determine what suits you the most. Each service is different, so pick the one that you think will attract the most customers from your site.
One & Only Personals is the largest matchmaker on the web and the undisputed leader in the online personals segment. People will only spend money on the web when they truly get value out of their Internet experience. Earn 15% commission and 33% of webmaster referrals.
An online dating/activity partner site. We offer our members over 70 sports, fitness and outdoor recreation categories to choose from. Members may also browse through 1,000's of free personals on our secure and trusted site. Pays $0.40 plus $0.10 second tier.
Earn $20 for every referred visitor that signs up for our service; send 50 or more members, and you will receive $40 for each additional signup. - Addicted to Love
This is a Personal matchmaking Service offering 15% commission plus a points system offering free newsletter advertising. Send them newsletter subscribers and earn points towards your own free advertisements. All tracking and payments are done through Clickbank.
Cashring is an association of webmasters & web surfers that share the same goal: earning revenues from the Web. Personals site pays 20% in commission.
By joining Lovenet Online Affiliate Program, you can earn a 25% commission on all sales generated through your ID#. If a person comes from your links and joins the Lovenet Online affiliate program you earn 10% commission for every sale they help generate.
The advantage of this programs is that their service is free; anyone can sign up as a member and enjoy the benefits the dating site has to offer. The affiliate program pays 35 cents for every FREE sign up you send to them.
Senior FriendFinder is targeted to the 50+ year community. It is part of the network of sites. You have a choice of 2 payout programs: per member or per percentage. is a complete service that ensures all your dating/friendship needs are taken care of and personal ads designed to suit your exclusive needs. You will be baid 20% commission of any purchase made by a customer referred by your affiliate links through their banners or text links. The dating affiliate programs listed above base their commission on the memberships you sold. The average cost of becoming a member of a dating site is usually $20 and the average payout to the affiliate is a 20% commission.