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Casino Affliate Programs

While some commission numbers may be similar to those you may have seen as part of affiliate programs, the main difference here is the potential revenue that your referred players may generate. With high revenue numbers you can expect your commission earnings to be reasonable as well.

The following are some of the best casino affiliate programs available anywhere. Once you take a closer look at the numbers and the details, you'll understand why.
This is the only program anywhere in the world to offer webmaster earnings based on the GROSS revenue as opposed to the NET. Payouts are 50% of GROSS revenue for the first month and 36% thereafter, regardless of sales volume. Keep in mind that being paid on gross revenue is worth up to 20% of a webmaster's total earnings. Golden Palace Affiliates also has the highest CPA program, where they pay out $100 - $250 per lead.
There are two options when signing up as an affiliate with CasinoPartners. The pay per lead offers a fairly generous amount of $75 - $125, depending on how many referrals you gave them. The second program is a 25% commission of the casino net revenue. You can only do one or the other.
Most of the webmasters are paid 25% commission. How much you earn is relative to how many players you refer and how many of those actually deposit. This program also pays 3% on 2nd tier sales.

Prism Affiliate
This program pays 25% - 50% commission or $32 - $75 per lead. Your earnings reflect the number of depositing players you refer. For example, to earn as much as 40% of the net revenue, you must refer at least 100 depositors. There is also a credit card processing fee of 4% - 6%.
Again, your earnings are based on the number of depositing players that you referred. The commission ranges from 25% - 35% of all net revenue generated by your referrals. While there is no CPA program available, you also get 2% commission on 2nd tier sales.