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Real Estate Affliate Programs

More and more, people looking to buy a new home are consulting the internet. Why? Well, there is such a vast amount of information available, doing some research about available real estate can only save you time and money. Real estate affiliate programs have become quite popular in the last few years and have benefited all parties involved. A company wishing to expand creates an affiliate program from which the average webmaster can profit. The consumer is at an advantage as they have access to land-based as well as online services.

Not only have real estate affiliate programs put cash in webmasters' pockets, they have also saved a lot of time for the average person interested in buying a home. Here are some affiliate programs that may interest you:
FlexBuy sells homes to credit-challenged buyers. If you're a lender, send them your turndowns. After they help improve their credit, they'll send them to you for the loan.
You can earn $8 per lead and 3 cents per click.
Earn $1.00 for each sale of Real Estate Forms referred from your website. You will also be paid .50 cents for each sale from an affiliate's site that you have referred.
4 Home Pros USA affiliates earn a 25% commission from every Get Listed order. Simply add a Get Listed banner to your existing web site, or create your own promotional pages. You will receive a commission from Get Listed orders placed by referred customers.
This site offers official multiple listing services for the private home seller and features a fully searchable database. Affiliates receive $.10 per click.
Virtual Agent Network Affiliates earn a 25% commission from every order. Simply add a banner to your existing web site, or create your own promotional pages. You will receive a commission from all orders placed by referred customers.
You have the opportunity to participate in this program as either a One Tier partner where you receive a full 25% on all of the orders that you generate, or as a Two Tier partner where you find others to help you make sales of our web address signs and you receive 20% on your sales and 5% on the sales of those you have found to help you sell more.
HomeGain is the first and leading web site created specifically to match home buyers and sellers with qualified real estate agents. affiliates receive $10 for each Agent Evaluator Profile and $0.50 for each registrant they refer. has an exciting two-tier affiliate program. Simply add a link to your site promoting Each time someone referred from your site completes a request for a loan, you will be paid a commission. Commission is $3 to $10 per lead and 10% of the total commissions earned by any affiliate you sign up.