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Magazine Affliate Programs

Magazine affiliate programs can be run on a number of different sites including those focusing on various artists, music, fashion, among many others. While the majority of people subscribes through different offers in the actual magazines of their interest, with the growing number of internet users, more and more individuals resort to the online world to complete this task.

As you know, there are thousands of different magazines and everyone has their own individual preference. This can be a difficult hardship to overcome when you are trying to sell a particular magazine. Because affiliate programs in this industry are differ slightly from those in other business areas, it is important to know what to look for before committing to one program.

First of all, unless you are set on the magazine you want to sell, you should look for magazine affiliate programs that provide the customer with a variety of different magazines to make your sales easier. Because you never fully know what a person is looking for when they come to your website, it's important to cover as large an area as you possibly can. By limiting the customer to one option, you limit your sales and thus, your overall affiliate earnings.
Sell over 1,400 of the most popular magazine subscription titles at the lowest publisher-authorized prices online and earn up to 30% commission on all sales generated.
Offers over 100 magazine subscriptions for only $4.97 and over 9,000 books for under $5.00. The program pays their affiliates 17% commission on profit for orders they collect and process payments for.
Great discounts on magazine subscriptions with over 1,000 popular titles to chose from. Earn 20% on all revenue generated.
This affiliate program offers $1 per subscription (at the price of $12 for 12 months). Give your visitors a choice of over 1,350 popular, family friendly magazines and earn 20% in commission.
Discount Press will partner with you to sell magazines -- either from your site or through a special account on theirs; they will also help you select titles and market effectively to your customers. Commission unknown.
Enhance the value of your site by selling magazines from and earn 15% for your efforts.